Professor in Evolutionary Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology



Grants and awards

A new EU-Europe Horizon grant (ADVANCE) in collaboration with prof. Marit Sibrandij (clinical psychology, VU) looking at the effects of digitalization on the mental health of employees in the EU.

An NWO-open competition grant examining how changes in gender ratios in work teams affect group dynamics and leadership processes (with prof. Bernard Nijstad, RUG).

An Aelxander-von-Humboldt award for lifetime academic achievements.

A PhD studentship from the Chinese government to examine the impact of unbalanced sex ratios in the work place (with Dr. Josh Tybur and Ting ting Ji)

A new grant-funded research project is the "Groene Schoolpleinen"-project (met Dr. Jolanda Maas), funded by Produktschap Tuinbouw and Jantje Beton. This looks at the social and cognitive effects on children of greening up school yards in the Netherlands.

Current NWO (Dutch Science Foundation) funded research projects include "The Psychology of Intergroup Helping" (with Dr. Esther van Leeuwen) and "Ethnic Leadership" (with Dr. Astrid Homan). These are Mozaiek grants for PhD-students Katherina Alvarez and Seval Gundemir. 

Previous grants include "Leadership in social networks" (with Dr,. Brian Spisak funded by US Naval Office) and "the social guilt hypothesis" (with DR. Roger Giner-Sorolla, University of Kent, funded by ESRC).

We have also obtained KNAW funding for a NIAS/Lorentz workshop on "biological markets and social dilemmas"(with Ronald Noe) in January 2012. 

Past research has been funded through the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), The British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust,  The US Office of Naval Research, and various governments and NGO's.

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