Professor in Evolutionary Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology


Current projects


Currenty I have a number of collaborations with colleagues at various Dutch universities participating in the "Brain in the Boardroom" project.

I further collaborate with international colleagues at various interantional unievrsities such as:  the University of Kent (social guilt hypothesis), Michigan State University(the male warrior hypothesis), Bristol University (evolutionary psychology of intergroup relations), University of Oxford (social laughter), University of Pennsylvania (evolution of leadership), University of Minnesota (evolutionary psychology of environmental sustainability), and the National Unievrsity of Singapore (leadership)

Current collaborators include: University of Kent (Roger Giner Sorolla; Edward Cartwright), the University of Oxford (Dominic Johnson, Harvey Whitehouse), the University of Bristol (Justin Park, Ian Penton-Voak), the University of Oxford (Robin Dunbar), University of Pennsylvania (Rob Kurzban), Michigan State Unversity (carlos Navarrete), University of Minnesota (Vladas Griskevicius), University of Georgia (Sarah Brosnan), Strassbourg University (Ronald Noe),Washington State University (Craig Parks), National Unievrsity of Singapore (Richard Arvey).

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