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COVID-19 and the Workplace: Implications, issues and insights for future research and action

Kniffin, K. M., Narayanan, J, Anseel, Antonakis, J, Ashford, S. P...................Van Vugt, M. (2020). COVID-19 in the Workplace: Implications, issues, and insights for future research and action. American Psychologist (in press)

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COVID-19’s impacts on workers and workplaces across the globe have been dramatic. We present a broad review of prior research rooted in work and organizational psychology, and related fields, for making sense of the implications for employees, teams, and work organizations. Our review and preview of relevant literatures focuses on: (i) emerging changes in work practices (e.g., working from home, virtual teams) and (ii) economic and socialpsychological impacts (e.g, unemployment, mental well-being). In addition, we examine the potential moderating factors of age, race and ethnicity, gender, family status, personality, and cultural differences to generate disparate effects. Illustrating the benefits of team science, our broad-scope overview provides an integrative approach for considering the implications of COVID-19 for work and organizations while also identifying issues for future research and insights to inform solutions. Keywords: COVID-19; Employees; Work; Work From Home (WFH); Pandemics

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