Engelhard, N. P., Van der Wal, A. J., & Van Vugt, M. (2013). Competitief altruisme op de werkvloer: een evolutionair psychologische benadering. Gedrag en Organisatie, 26, 292-309



'Competitive altruism' theory (Hardy & Van Vugt, 2006) sheds new light on why people behave altruistically in work organizations. Evidence shows that getting an altruistic reputation is profitable for employees in the long run. An experiment among employees was conducted to see if ‘altruism’ in terms of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCBs) affects the reputation of the candidate employee and whether this behavior eventually gets them the job and a higher starting salary. The findings confirmed that altruistic candidate employees have a better reputation than non-altruistic employees. As expected, people have a stronger preference to work with employees with an altruistic reputation , and they get a higher starting salary Practical and theoretical implications are discussed.

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